Stone Age Masonry: Our Approach

Gregg, the sole proprietor, has developed a reputation for his boulder moving ability and can move rocks over 3 tons into areas where cranes and tractors can’t reach. This has made him the premier boulder mover in the Los Angeles area. He regularly works with landscapers who need his assistance and expertise in moving and placing boulders, and comes highly recommended by most of the major stone suppliers in the area. Gregg is highly experienced in all phases of design, construction and installation of any type or size of stone for all applications, both architectural and hardscape.  He primarily specializes in jobs where high precision and quality craftsmanship is the desired result. Gregg gives personal attention to every detail, large and small. So whether you need a boulder-scape, waterfall, wall, patio or any other stone structure, you can be certain that you will receive the finest quality craftsmanship and tons of experience with Stone Age Masonry.

Gregg’s Story

Gregg’s credentials are impressive as he has spent most of his life working with natural elements and has made a deep study into the designs of nature. He has worked in landscaping and construction, having experience in framing, plumbing, electrical, tile, stucco, concrete finishing, welding and of course, masonry. Probably the most invaluable experience he had was digging foundations by hand on hillsides in San Diego with the aid of picks, shovels and jackhammers. Here he not only saw the subterranean patterns and designs that only nature provides, but was also able to see how rocks are deposited and laced together the way only nature can, thus allowing him to emulate nature in its purest form. By combining his knowledge of construction and nature has enabled Gregg to produce the finest quality stonework available, structurally sound and appealing to the eye.  

Next Steps…

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